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Project Description
This is the release repository for LADS, or Large Artwork on the Surface, a Microsoft Research sponsored project undertaken by Brown University.

LADS, or Large Artwork Display on the Surface is a Microsoft-research sponsored project developed by Brown University. It is a platform used to view a relatively modest collection of large-format 2D artworks on large touch screens. As such, it does not have a catalogue raisonne used for accessing large collections; it provides a simple viewing interface that uses standard multi-touch gestures. The LADS homepage is located at

It is meant to be used both for casual, walk-up users who need no instruction and for curators and others who will prepare content and appropriate metadata and related assets for viewing. LADS also provides a simple tour editor for creating "guided tours" through artworks.

NOTE: Due to the build order of dependencies, if you're compiling LADS from it's source, it must be built twice the first time. Additionally, the Surface 2 SDK is required to develop for LADS (

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